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Narrative Poem : Contoh Puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Narrative Poem : Contoh Puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris - Puisi dalam bahasa inggris sangat beraneka ragam bentuk dan genre, bila dilihat dari topiknya puisi bisa juga berkaitan dengan kehidupan sang pengarang, cinta,pengalaman dan sebagainya. kali ini saya akan membahas tentang Narrative Poem atau Puisi narasi. apa itu puisi narasi? saya akan menjelaskannya secara singkat dibawah ini:

Pengertian Narrative Poem

Puisi Narasi adalah bentuk puisi yang menceritakan sebuah cerita, sering memanfaatkan suara narator dan karakter juga. Puisi-puisi yang membentuk genre ini mungkin pendek atau panjang, dan cerita yang berkaitan dengan puisi ini mungkin sedikit rumit. Hal ini biasanya dramatis, dengan tujuan, dan beragam karakter. (Wikipedia)
Puisi ini menceritakan sebuah kisah yang panjang dan memiliki karakter yang banyak didalam puisi. untuk lebih jelasnya saya akan memberikan contohnya dibawah ini.

Narrative Poem : Contoh Puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Narrative Poem

Contoh Panjang:

Sekeghumong oh Sekeghumong

Bedudu died at this point the story is my story completely repaired
Dry air cover my town tells a story of mine,
I was born with the atrocities and the greed that was my line
I grew up with the hordes of illegal and a scream of horror.
Until I became a woman, cruel and greedy for sense of honor
Because of my Audacity I cut off my hands too
When faced with one of them, that all the soldiers. I just fight with your bare hands
My parents are saints can not do something, just beat his breast in silence
Father offers gold sculpture of his head proudly Tiger
"You were the last and the larger shears bgha queen," said
I was nervous, like the announcement to check your destiny
To return the person to be able to find this new site
Foreigners can come and change my palace
Foreigners have their foot down inside the palace, it is acceptable for divination
I am excited when I meet them on the back.
"We provide you with the right approach as redemption from sin and guilt, my lord" smugly.
"Remember that your child is poisoned my beloved," I answered proudly
Men above, then talk, he's ready to have your son is dead.
I can not reduce their revenge, though five of you dead
My daughter, Cindy, love Belunguh son of man against a traitor
She will rebel, most contemptible, as it has for the mother and the kingdom.
She will reduce her throat. i change the beliefs and target domain,
And then my faith is God, but it did not end the fight.
I felt degraded, I had to get off the throne, and abdicating
I will not swallow my saliva, and I said boldly. This is my complaint
I will not allow them to touch my pepadun and committed
The fight is not about religion, but self-confidence, only God is in my mind
This war has broken out all mine!
Shown to be clear on this guess, although
I understand. I'll build a miscalculation made by
My media, not me, if I surrender
I take your soul, if I die, is my way.
"Kill my soul to his glory?" Is laughing
Back to him with a smile smiles negligible.
Only Allah can afford to end this war,
I went up to this point.
I am powerless to become less
Wide legs and a knife to stab me, were higher.
I was shaking and scared, but
I will not swallow my saliva, I'm just
Lady, who bravely fought to the death
I take an oath, and not losing my cry
Because it will not snuff at my nose
Dry air is still covered by my place
Bedudu hill witness my mistakes in my palace
When my soul from my body withdraws
I've heard that excuse Belunguh my son screaming in the right
"I will build hatred for you,"
Only God I bow my soul, I apologized to him.
And I praise God "Belunguh, I entrust you my love.
What is this story that pale next to the dry air hood bedudu
This story changed my Audacity
With his brother, who defeated the coward.

Contoh pendek:

The songs are disappearing
I awoke in the morning
Mother was preparing breakfast on the table
Father had already left for work
I was alone and shout loudly
Hello..hello... hello..
“wahat are you doing” my mother said
Hello.. hello.. hello.. continuously
Aunt ani getting unconfortable to hear my voice
Hey you stop it
Dont shout out loud
You will wake my baby up
I just replied her with smile
What i did is nosense
Non of them answered me
No one bother me
The birds that always sing
Gathered as a music group
Was not seen again in my quiet morning

Itu saja kali ini share saya tentang Contoh Puisi dalam Bahasa Inggris. semoga bisa memberikan inspirasi untuk membuat puisi anda sendiri.